Rosan Bosch

Rosan Bosch Studio was founded by the Dutch-born artist Rosan Bosch, who has worked professionally with
art, design and architecture for more than twenty years.

Through interdisciplinary projects Rosan Bosch uses creativity as a tool for innovation and change. She questions entrenched cultures and traditions, and creates possibilities for new ways of thinking and acting: “Modern society calls for lifelong learners, problem solvers and creative thinkers! It calls for those who are prepared for a future of ongoing knowledge flow and development. By using design as a tool, I believe it is possible to turn our physical environments into meaningful and significant experiences that will prepare us for future challenges” Rosan Bosch.

As a Dutch-born artist, Rosan Bosch has had an international launch pad for her professional work. She is
partly educated at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Utrecht, Holland, and partly at Universitat de Bellas Artes,
Barcelona, Spain. Before settling in Denmark, Rosan Bosch has among other places lived in Spain and Belgium
for many years. Rosan Bosch Studio has offices in Copenhagen, Madrid and Singapore and is internationally
recognized by projects such as the Vitra Schools and the LEGO PMD.