Susannah Johnson

Susannah Johnson is founder and CEO of Individualized Realized.

Pursuing liberated learning for the individual by the individual, Susannah seeks an education revolution that includes the ultimate in empowered, student-centered learning, and redefining what it means to be an educator.

For thirteen years in the classroom and through research, Susannah spent a decade at Assets High School developing 100% individualized instruction for core credits grounded in critical thinking, authenticity, purpose, and passion.

Susannah received her Master of Education degree in 2016, is a regular presenter at global conferences, and the author of articles about this unique pedagogy. She continues to pursue knowledge and evolving educational strategies, using her own global explorations to spark ideas in education innovation through Individualized Realized, LLC., consulting services, Personalized Learning Project, teaching global cohorts of learners, and IMPACT Bound, education reimagined.

Working in partnership with What School Could Be also helps Susannah fulfill her main aim of igniting passion and purpose in education by meeting schools where they are and mapping out a transformation journey.