“Conferences are great in that they provide a unique venue to showcase some of the latest trends and ideas in education, and participants often leave inspired and motivated to renew their practice, but, in most cases, that enthusiasm dies down as the days and weeks go by and educators find themselves back in their usual environments. The ESSARP 2.0 Active Learning Conference proposes to bridge that gap by producing a tangible, concrete and applicable outcome: a series of specific educational interventions, developed by the leading authors and thinkers in the world of education together with conference attendees, who will collaborate and crowdsource their knowledge in a unique collaborative creative experience.

By interacting continuously with the speakers via their personal devices, and utilizing state of the art technology tools, including artificial intelligence software, speakers and public will co-create a number of initiatives that can be immediately applied in schools and that can truly generate sustainable change in pedagogy and educational practice.” (Gabriel Rshaid, Chair of the ESSARP Conference Sub-Committee)