12:15 - 13:15

Wellbeing and The Power of Positive Emotions in Education

In this keynote, Tom Kendon, will introduce a range of the research findings from across the work of Cambridge University Press and Assessment’s researchers and educators and will explore the profound connection between wellbeing, positive emotions, and dimensions of educational success.  Drawing from some of the latest research and thinking, Kendon shares insights into the transformative potential of fostering positive emotions in learners, highlighting the important role they play in optimising school experiences, exam performance, and individual growth.

The pursuit of educational excellence can often centre around a singular focus on academic outcomes. However, increasingly educators are challenging these conventional notions of success by introducing a holistic perspective. Tom will invite the audience to consider fundamental questions such as: How can educational success be defined? How can we improve our understanding of wellbeing experienced by learners better?  Why is nurturing wellbeing within educational environments an indispensable part of success?

Through the lens of Cambridge’s research this session will also ask participants to consider the interplay between emotions and assessments and how research in this area can be transformed into action by schools and teachers.   It will introduce the range of emotions tied to the assessment process, share insights into the relationship between tests and emotions and connect thoughts on the role laughter might play in improving outcomes by uplifting spirits and managing stress positively.

Quick Info

  • 2 September, 2023
  • 12:15 - 13:15
  • Los Girasoles 2 & 3