Tom Kendon

Tom Kendon is a longstanding member of University of Cambridge Press and Assessment’s education community, a contributor of over 20 years to the University of Cambridge’s International Network. As one of the Directors, he has played a wide range of roles in shaping and enriching both international and UK education.

 For more than a decade, Tom was deeply involved in Cambridge’s government advisory work, focusing on curriculum development, assessment methodologies, pedagogical approaches, and the availability of educational resources.  The contributions of the teams he led have left a lasting impact on diverse regions such as Mongolia, Macedonia, Bahrain, Egypt, Armenia, and Kazakhstan, where he helped strengthen education systems and promote educational excellence.

 In addition to the work at the policy and system level, Tom’s passion lies in knowledge-sharing and bridging the gap between educational research and practical implementation in schools. He firmly believes in the transformative power of empowering teachers with research-backed insights and fostering connections between academia and real-world classrooms.

 Beyond his directorial responsibilities, Tom served as a Chair of Governors at Newnham Croft Primary School in Cambridge for 10 years. This hands-on involvement at both the system and school level and insights into the intricacies of educational institutions and their improvement processes were both informative and salutary.

 As a conference speaker, Tom brings a wealth of experience and personal enthusiasm, making him a compelling advocate for educational advancement and the empowerment of educators.

 Join us in welcoming Tom Kendon as he shares with us the knowledge and expertise from Cambridge in the area of education action research and wellbeing and its application in the classroom.