Will Ord

Will Ord has worked in education for 30 years.  He has been an international speaker and teacher trainer for 17 years, and has worked with over a thousand schools in 24 countries.  He has been a teacher, author, charity chairperson, and has worked alongside many government organisations, charities, and school networks.  He runs education sessions for parent groups and pupils too.  Will specialises in ‘Great Learning’, Philosophy for Children (P4C), Mindfulness, and Growth Mindsets.

Will passionately believes in educating children for the 21st century, not “schooling” them for yesterday’s world.  Children should be educated to become ‘great learners’.  That is, to become critical, caring, collaborative, and creative thinkers.  Great Learners never want to stop learning.  Great learners use heads, hands, and hearts to help themselves and allow others to flourish as well.  Achieving that goal in schools is not easy, but our collective journey towards it is truly meaningful, very fulfilling, and all the more essential in our modern context.